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Rising Moon pasta products are currently not kosher.
Our Organic & Garlic Roasted Veggie Ravioli, Organic Butternut Squash Ravioli Family Size, Organic Butternut Squash Ravioli, Organic Classic Potato Gnocchi, Organic Spinach Florentine Ravioli are all certified vegan.
All of our products are vegetarian besides our Italian-Style Chicken Ravioli, Crab & Lobster Ravioli, Cheese & Prosciutto Tortelloni and Braised Beef Ravioli.
Our Organic Classic Potato Gnocchi is certified gluten free.
Make sure to bring the water to a rapid boil then turn it all the way down to a gentle boil and add pasta. Stir occasionally and when finished cooking scoop out gently with a slotted spoon.
Tortellini and tortelloni are similar in pasta shape and style but different in size. A tortelloni is much larger in comparison to a tortellini.
Frozen ravioli, tortellini and tortelloni should be cooked for 6 minutes, turning once at the 3 minute mark to ensure both sides cook evenly. Refrigerated ravioli, tortellini and tortelloni should be cooked for 3 minutes, turning once at 1 ½ minutes ensuring both sides cook evenly. Frozen gnocchi should be cooked for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Refrigerated gnocchi should be cooked for 1 ½ minutes, stirring occasionally.
All items are produced with Organic Wheat Flour, also known as Organic durum wheat flour.
The Lobster is caught in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The Crab is caught in the Pacific Ocean off the Indonesian Coast.
Both our crab and lobster are caught using traps.
Kosher salt is used in the Made with Organic Items and Sea Salt is used in the 100% Organic Items.
Organic Cane Sugar is used as a sub-ingredient in the Organic Breadcrumbs.

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